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Mamadou Dia

The difference between development and self-development (autoréalisation in French) is that the former includes copy-pasting known formulas and ingredients,whereas the latter completely starts from scratch.

Jean Luc

In 2019, the NBA set foot on African ground, determined to start the first Basketball League outside of the American continent.

Eva Diallo

Pictures are all around us. On our phones, social media, billboards, laptop screens. They define the way we see the other.

Insa Diagne

In this second episode, we’re talking about football (soccer). Our guest Insa Diagne left his hometown in the north of Senegal in the eighties to play professionally in Flanders, Belgium.



Alibera explores the imaginary world of hope and expectations which is an essential part of understanding migration.

Female returnees: messengers, influencers and civil society actors

The engagement of returned migrants as messengers and civil society actors engaged in awareness raising campaigns around the risks and consequences of irregular migration and local possibilities is beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, it provides a bottom up dynamic, giving a voice to the resilient men and women having experienced migration and who are willing to share their stories.

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