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Mamadou Dia

The difference between development and self-development (autoréalisation in French) is that the former includes copy-pasting known formulas and ingredients,whereas the latter completely starts from scratch.

Eva Diallo

Pictures are all around us. On our phones, social media, billboards, laptop screens. They define the way we see the other.

Create a persona

How To Create a Persona

Creating a fictional character or persona to guide your activity design is a great way to keep the priorities of your audience in mind.

What is C4D?

Just because we know something is good for us doesn’t necessarily mean that we will practice the right behaviour. For awareness raising, this is particularly important. Just because people know about the risks associated with irregular migration doesn’t mean that they will practice the safe behaviours that we are promoting in our awareness raising campaigns.

Five Reasons Why You Should Pretest Your Campaign

Pretesting is the process of bringing together members of the target audience to react to the components of a communication campaign before it is produced. Pre-testing measures the reaction of the selected group of individuals and helps determine whether the target audience will find the components understandable, believable and appealing.

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