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Research Series

The second series of research podcasts (IOM Research Series) aims to shed light on the work of several researchers specialized in migration studies. This series highlights the recent results from the MigChoice research project, carried out in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration and the University of Birmingham.

What is the link between development interventions and the decision to migrate in West Africa? Are the methodologies of our interventions still effective? Through in-depth ethnographic fieldwork, the researchers took the time to discuss with young people, representatives, local authorities, and development actors in several localities in The Gambia, Senegal, and Guinea. The use of a mixed- methodology allowed them to get as close as possible to the collective memories and the social, political, and cultural histories of each region.

In this second series of podcasts, Marianne Dioh and Bérénice Boukaré welcomed researchers from the MigChoice project, who are taking us back to young Guineans and Gambians’ migratory world, as well as a young researcher and IOM collaborator in The Gambia.

To get an overview of the Migchoice research project you can watch a presentation video here.

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Agricultural entrepreneurship and vocational training as a valid alternative to migration in Guinea

In this first episode of IOM’s Research Series podcast, Dr. Ester Somparé and Dr. Abdoulaye Somparé share the findings of their research on migration dynamics in Kankan, Guinea. Talking about the promising perspectives of agricultural entrepreneurship and vocational training, these seasoned researchers shed new light on how young people find success at home today…

Why taking the Backway isn’t a matter of individualist thinking

Dr Elia Vitturini is a post-doctoral researcher, trained in socio-anthropology at the University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy.
In this second episode of the Research Series podcast, Elia Vitturini speaks about the ethnographic fieldwork him and his team led in The Gambia…

Using improvisational theatre to discuss irregular migration with teenagers in The Gambia

João Pedro Martins is a Ph.D. Candidate and lecturer at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. His interest in migration reaches from social cohesion, the difficulties of integration in host communities until LGBTI+ migration and migration policy.
“The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these podcasts belong solely to the speaker, and not reflect the view of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), its partners or donors. This podcast is protected under creative commons and can be used by third parties under certain conditions. For more information, contact [email protected].”
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