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How To Use Mobile Cinema As An Awareness-Raising Tool: The CinemArena Project

Students from Malick Sy school in Thiès competing in the

Organize Your Street Art Workshop

Step by step guides to become a street artist today.

How To Design An Impactful Entrepreneurship Support Project

Picture: Octavian Dan / Unsplash We all are aware that creating your own project requires

How To Collect Qualitative Data For Your Project

Focus Group Discussion with women with Djalori, Niger - Picture:

Journalist Toolkit

Online and offline tools for training journalists on migration

Youth Take Over

Empower youth with 2 days of small-scale interventions In different

Muscles in Motion

Build a public outdoor gym Outdoor gyms have become widely

Shooting a video with your smartphone – Tips on stability, focus and framing.

It’s likely that you have an incredible, ready-to-use studio inside your pocket, you might just don’t know how to use its full

These are our top 5 image banks

In an earlier blog, we explained why we believe it’s

Online course: Communication for Development (C4D)

Communication for Development, or C4D, is a people-centered process where

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