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Street Art Together

Painting together to promote social cohesion!


Court inauguration in Jamestown, Ghana Slam dunk! Sports teaches valuable

Mobile Cinema

“Mobile cinema” is a movie theatre on wheels, equipped with

Think Local, Be Sustainable

A case for local sourcing.  The daily import of materials,

Open & Accessible

Why we love activities in public space. In this blog,

Mental Health Matters

When working with returnees, it’s important to always keep in mind mental health issues.

Digifoot: make it go viral!

Digifoot is a training to explain digital communication strategies using footbal

The Importance of Using Quality Images in Your Work

Visual language is key to community engagement. Images convey messages beyond words

How To Create a Persona

Creating a fictional character or persona to guide your activity design is a great way to keep the priorities of your audience in mind.

Migration Board Game

My World Trip boardgame is an exciting tile placement game for up to 2- 4 players. It features 198 countries around the world including their flag, map and the continent they belong to.


YENNA est une plateforme
d'apprentissage en ligne pour découvrir,
apprendre et affiner vos connaissances
sur l'engagement communautaire pour
promouvoir une migration sûre

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