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Does Awareness Raising Work?

Using research to measure the impact of participatory approaches

Safe travels with WAKA Well

Online info on migration and local opportunities

Road to Equality

How gender shapes the experience of people on the move

Explaining Migration to Kids

A class presentation for 7 year-olds in Senegal

C4D in an Online World

Applying participatory approaches digitally

C4D in Unusual Times

Real experiences of applying C4D in challenging circumstances

Street Art Together

Painting together to promote social cohesion!


Basketball promotes social cohesion and safe migration practices

Mobile Cinema

Mobile cinema is a movie theatre on wheels

Think Local, Be Sustainable

The case for local sourcing


YENNA est une plateforme
d'apprentissage en ligne pour découvrir,
apprendre et affiner vos connaissances
sur l'engagement communautaire pour
promouvoir une migration sûre

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